Vernonia Northern BACK

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Updated: 18Aug2017

Part Number Description Price Each  
VN-002-01 Connector 1 Kit (8-wire connector) $5.50
VN-002-05 Connector 5 Kits $24.95
VN-002-10 Connector 10 Kits $50.75
VN-002-25 Save with 25 Connector Kits - Regular Price $123.75 $105.50
VN-002-Bulk Minimum order of 26 - Packaged in bulk with components separated.
Enter quantity 26 or more on PayPal order page.
VN-021-01 Connector Kit (1) with the two Tortoise control wires ONLY. Otherwise, same as VN-002 $4.25
VN-025-01 Connector 6-wire header filler. Wires are individual with connector to insert into the wire housing. $2.50
VN-010 Test Box - 9V Battery $19.95
VN-011 Test Box - Power $23.95
VN-019 Power Cable for VN-011 $6.50
VN-030-5 SAVE - Buy both: VN-002-5, VN-010
Individual Price = $44.70
VN-031-5 SAVE - Buy all three: VN-002-5, VN-011, VN-019
Individual Price = $55.20
VN-031-25 Super Pack - VN-002-25, VN-011, VN-019
Individual Price = $153.70
VN-Club Email with your railroad club and club member requirements. Club will be invoiced via PayPal with advance payment required. Email
VN-Custom Email for custom wire lengths of any part number Invoiced via PayPal with advance payment required. Email