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Priority USPS Mail (2-3 day USA Fee 8.75
International Mail - Standard International Fee 15.00
International Priority Mail (6 to 10 days) International Fee 50.00

JEDEC Number Quantity Available Description Type Case Volts Amps Watts Cost
Std # 0DescriptionTypeCaseVoltsAmpWatt0.00Sold Out
9345349 3      0.50
004714-1 9 TRIAC 20015 7.50
2N1218 0PowerNPNTO-3153201.00Sold Out
2N1847 6 SCRTO-20225020 0.50
2N2222A 187General (<1Mhz)NPN TO-1860800mA 0.45
2N2832 0PowerPNPTO-35020851.00Sold Out
2N3055 0PowerNPNTO-37041151.00Sold Out
2N3543 0PowerNPNTO-3605601.00Sold Out
2N3585 0PowerNPNTO-665002351.00Sold Out
2N3611 0PowerPNPTO-3403 1.00Sold Out
2N3611 0PowerPNPTO-31003851.00Sold Out
2N3614 0PowerPNPTO-3457851.00Sold Out
2N3616 0PowerPNPTO-31007 1.00Sold Out
2N3714 71Medium and High Power TO-310051502.05
2N3716 0PowerNPNTO-380101501.00Sold Out
2N3739 0PowerNPNTO-663251201.00Sold Out
2N3792 0PowerPNPTO-380101501.00Sold Out
2N3898 8Reverse Blocking Triode ThyristorSCRTO-48D40035 22.10
2N4902 0PowerPNPTO-360587.51.00Sold Out
2N4904 0PowerPNPTO-340587.51.00Sold Out
2N5354 53GE Minaric 070-0009PNPTO-92250.3A620mW1.00
2N5905 0Dual JFET TO-781030uA 0.50Sold Out
2N6547 0PowerNPNTO-3400151751.00Sold Out
2SA739 0Power     1.00Sold Out
2SC515 0PowerNPNTO-66300100mA 1.00Sold Out
458-055 0 NPN    1.00Sold Out
458-057 0Internation Rectifier     1.00Sold Out
4JD5E44 0070-0009     0.50Sold Out
A105 0PowerPNP    1.00Sold Out
A702 1PowerNPNTO-3200250mA81.00
BDY76 0PowerNPNTO-3100201501.00Sold Out
BU126 0PowerNPNTO-33006 1.00Sold Out
BU131 0PowerNPNTO-330010401.00Sold Out
BU208 0PowerNPNTO-37004.5561.00Sold Out
C-122 0Motor ControlSCRTO-220   0.50Sold Out
DS-430 0      1.00Sold Out
DTG-110B 0Audio Power Amplifier TO-3   25.65Sold Out
DTS411 0PowerNPNTO-33003.5 1.00Sold Out
DTS413 0PowerNPNTO-33252 1.00Sold Out
DTS423 0PowerNPNTO-33253.5 1.00Sold Out
DTS425 0PowerNPNTO-34003.5 1.00Sold Out
DTS430 0PowerNPNTO-330051001.00Sold Out
DTS730 0Power     1.00Sold Out
IR411 0PowerNPNTO-33007 1.00Sold Out
LM320K-15 2Voltage Regulator TO-3-151.5 2.85
LM320K-5 5Voltage Regulator TO-3-51.5203.35
LM340K-15 21+15 Volt Regulator TO-315  3.75
LM340KC-5 17+5 Volt Regulator TO-35  3.75
LM395K 8Power Transistor - Ultra Reliable TO-3401 1.00
MC1433G 0      1.25Sold Out
MCR 729-6 0MotorolaSCR    1.00Sold Out
MJ10004 36High Voltage Darlington Power Amp TO-3   10.45
MJ2268 0PowerPNPTO-3555 1.00Sold Out
MJ2801 0PowerNPNTO-340151151.00Sold Out
MJ2901 0PowerPNPTO-340151151.00Sold Out
MJ3011 0PowerNPNTO-332531001.00Sold Out
MJ802 0PowerNPNTO-3100302001.00Sold Out
MK90001P 0MJ13335 TO-3   1.00Sold Out
MK90002N 03861 BCF     3.25Sold Out
MK90003N 03861 CPC Fairchild SL31277     3.25Sold Out
MK90004N 0 Fairchild SL31277     3.25Sold Out
MK90005N 03861 EPC     3.25Sold Out
PP3647 0PowerNPNTO-38020A 1.00Sold Out
RCA411 0PowerNPNTO-33001 1.00Sold Out
SDT411 0PowerNPNTO-330010 1.00Sold Out
SP822 0      0.50Sold Out
STC4445 0Power     1.00Sold Out
TIP551 0PowerNPNTO-36000.5601.00Sold Out
UA78 HGKC 0Four Leads     1.00Sold Out
UA79 HGKC 0Four Leads     1.00Sold Out
UPT1132 0PowerNPNTO-36020701.00Sold Out
VN64GA 0MOS Power FET TO-3   9.35Sold Out