General Information
DCC Conversions:  
  Vernonia Northern provides a full line of services for all model railroaders.  These include: DCC Conversions for locomotives, locomotive and rolling stock lighting modifications (light bulb to LED).  Lighting conversions use electrical surface mount components in most cases.  For first generation diesel locomotives and steam locomotives Vernonia Northern installs a “yellowish” LED to simulate the lighting of the time period. 
Sound Conversions:  
  Along with the DCC installation, most modelers want sound included.  In many cases this will require machining of the diesel locomotives weight in order to fit the speaker and baffle into the locomotive. Steam locomotives with tender have the speaker installed in the tender. 

Locomotive Overhaul:  
  Do you have an older steam engine or diesel with old an older open frame motor and want to upgrade? Vernonia Northern is capable to upgrade your locomotive with a can motor and regear the drive train as necessary. For some engines this requires replacing the drive axle gear as the axle gear may have an older tooth count not compatable with todays modern gears. Vernonia Northern uses Northwest Short Line components for all upgrades.
Do-it-yourself ?  
  Vernonia Northern is aware that many model railroaders are capable of doing much of the above describe work, however, time to do the work does not seem available. Perhaps, you fit into this situation. Why wait for your “Get-Around-To-It” and contact Vernonia Northern to get your project back on track.
Vernonia Northern provides a full suite of electrical services for the indoor model railroader and the outdoor garden railroader. Contact Vernonia Northern with your particulars.
If you live in the Forest Grove, Oregon area, you may leave your project at Mainline Trains in Forest Grove, Oregon. Please fill out a work order to ensure that the requested work is performed and properly tested by Vernonia Northern. Mainline Trains in Forest Grove provides a full line of DCC electronic components and systems, so the customer does not need to "search around" to get needed components. Mainline Trains will assist in selecting the proper decoder for conversion.

Work Order Job Rates
Payment Options
  • Check or money order.
  • Pay via Acceptance Mark with Acceptance Mark account or credit card after receiving Acceptance Mark invoice from Vernonia Northern.
  • Pay at Mainline Trains.
Shipping Options
If you are out of the Forest Grove, Oregon area, you may ship to Mainline Trains or Vernonia Northern. In either case, please print out a work order with the work you require. Please do not ship equipment without prior contact with Mainline Trains or Vernonia Northern. All shipments must include a tracking number and insurance to cover loss. Mainline Trains and Vernonia Northern are not responsible for loss during shipment.

This page updated: 09Apr09